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asked by Anonymous     on: Nov. 24, 2011
Last reply : Aug. 14, 2013

Me roj hastmathun kar tha hu ise kamjori ate ha kya

Posted By : Dr. Anita Taparwal         On :Nov. 24, 2011

pls ask only medical problems and in english language only.

Posted By : Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad         On :Nov. 25, 2011

Masturbation as we all understand is self stimulation. Often the practice is adopted by youngsters who in order to discover their changing body indulge extensively. It is not they do it intentionally but it is their hormonal changes that co act and let them feel the means of physical love and pleasure. It is just they are experiencing adult hood with no harm to anybody. Over involvement may be attributed to curiosity simply like a game in toddler hood that keeps one aside of all activities through weeks together. But often it is observed that teenagers are taught masturbation a criminal practice to adopt and should not be done as it can lead to sterility and other sexual issues but these old school thoughts are erratic and baseless. The myths just surmount immature minds and push them in dark clouds with no scientific knowledge to bank upon. For years people just keep living with the wrong perceptions and instead of enjoying the process keep practicing and constantly keep feeling guilty about it. The following are a few markers to describe masturbation in the most simple and straight forward manner to replace all the myths with correct facts:-
Masturbation is a natural process
The wholesome experience is a natural inclination with no sin or crime involved. A person masturbating is self stimulating to satisfy his sexual needs or adult demands. The technique allows human anatomy to dispose of all the energy provoking a person to be physical and remain innate. Masturbation is safe, harmless and is against no law.
Masturbation is harmless
The process is a similar experience to sex and if sex is harmless then this too is a harmless version. Sex is acceptable by all and so is masturbation. It is healthy and can’t lead to any disorder. At the most over indulgence can lead to a sore penis but nothing more than that. Sterility is out of question.
Penis doesn’t shrink with masturbation
Another hovering myth on the topic is penis shrink and infertility. Studies have been conducted worldwide and it is an established fact that masturbation has no effect on the penis size; it can’t make it shrink at all. Also infertility is no attached term; no individual can have an impotency with masturbation.
Masturbation can’t decrease the sperm count
Often teenagers worry of their semen becoming thin with excess of masturbation. The explanation here is not decreasing sperm count; the thinning can be due to over disposal in a limited time frame.
Masturbation is safe
The process is safe and is much better on comparison to physical love making. No parent would ever want his / her child to involve in sex when the same can be settled with just masturbation. So educate your child and not let him drag in misconceptions or wrong notions.
Masturbation can't increase on the penis size
An average size of male penis measures from 6 to 6.5 inches and masturbation neither can lengthen nor can shrink the size, it remains the same.
A little sex education is a must if we desire a world free of wrong information. The knowledge is no harm but no knowledge can be.

Posted By : Anonymous         Posted on :Aug. 13, 2013

sir main 33 year ka hoon . meri sadi abhi nahi ho paya hai. sadi karne ke baad koi peoblem to nahi hoga. kya main sadi karne ke baad apni wife ko harek type ke khushi de paahoonga. plz help me sir

Posted By : anirudh         Posted on :Aug. 14, 2013



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