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mahatab shaikh

How to increase sperm count?

asked by Anonymous from Cuttack     on: Jan. 8, 2012
Last reply : Jan. 17, 2012

Dear Dr,
I would like to ask you that, how to increase sperm count, volume in natural way?. Please let me know how to increase sexual stamina naturally? I have been married 10 month ago. but i am very sad, that we have no baby yet..Please help me and guide me.
Me and my wife both are in normal condition.. Her menstrual cycle is on regular way.

Your early answer is highly appreciable.

Thanks and regards,

Posted By : Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad         On :Jan. 17, 2012

Within the regular practice there has been a constant rise in couples consulting experts to conceive. It is quite unlike the old times when physicians were brainstormed only after being pregnant. With drastic changes in the lifestyles and patterns, things have too changed in all spheres including the sexual ones. With demanding jobs and hectic schedules couples don’t find enough time to spend together and may be not making love on the right biological time and consider serious issues. Often the frequency is so less that the fertile period passes by in the week days and till the weekend when it happens things are uprooted preparing for the next month. The following are a few do’s and don’ts for couples who want to be blessed with a healthy baby in their lives:-


· Every couple who wants to conceive should indulge in within the fertile period i.e. from the 10th to the 26th day. Simply the first day is the day menses begin and 10 days later a couple can try for a baby. Sex should be practiced on regular basis during this phase to skip any chances.

· Both the partners should take a healthy eating pattern ignoring no nutrient. Especially for male’s foods rich in vitamin B – 12, zinc and selenium prove efficacious and for females multivitamin with folic acid rich food would form a perfect diet.

· For an obese female to shed off the extra weight would be a better option but with no cutting on the food and nourishment. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a must to prepare.

· Always choose for organic and natural food versions over the preserved and prepared ones. This will help fetch the maximum of nutrients in their innate non – artificial form.

· Anti oxidants rich colourful fruits and vegetables raise on the chances. They should form an integral segment of the diet. More coloured is the article more is its benefits.

· Relaxation techniques should be adopted to lay off the related stress. Often females tend to think over again and again with undue anxiety which may hamper the process. Anxiety levels on both sides should be minimised as within the relaxed aura things turn positive.

· Breathing exercises and little bit of yoga all tend to boost up healthy vibes and stimulate feel good factors. A calm mind is more likely to function better as compared to a tensed one. All those who seek to conceive should begin with these soothing techniques and should also continue the exercises under expert guidance.


· Foods which enact as a natural contraceptive should be avoided. These include holy basil (Tulsi), cinnamon, ginger, saffron, aloes, St. John’s wort should be given up completely

· Fishes rich on the fat content like tuna, salmon etc should be restricted

· Preserved versions is a complete no as the ingredients may interfere with the natural process and lead to trouble or may form an unnecessary hurdle

· Excessive dieting for both partners; an unbalanced food intake should not be an option. This brings in agitation and may leave the body deprived of the required.

Bearing a child is the desire of all but one need to prepare right and let the process function naturally. Some unfortunate may need medical help with unhealthy grounds but those fortunate should never give up the blessing for their unhealthy deeds. Adopt the above to gift your child with health and stress free beginning.

Posted By : Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad         On :Jan. 17, 2012

Increasing Sperm Count
Alas, the male reproductive system is not as simple as it looks. There's some complexity and factors to be considered to promote good reproductive health. We're going to see about increasing sperm count first, then we will also discuss a bit about sperm motility and others.
What is sperm count? Sperm count is basically the number of sperm inside a certain amount of your cum. The World Health Organization standard is 20.000.000 sperm per milimeter of cum. Because usually your semen volume when you ejaculate is about 2 ml, that gives you around 40.000.000 sperm normally.
Why do you need so much of them? That's because it's that difficult to make certain that pregnancy can be attained. The journey from the women's cervix to the egg is difficult. 90-95% of the sperm died during the journey . Not to mention that there's two fallopian tube (as the container of the egg) and only one contain the egg at any specific time. That cuts roughly another 50% of the sperm that survived, on the account that they gather in the wrong fallopian tube. Moreover, since sperms have a short lifespan, the timing of the intercourse is vital for them to be able to reach the egg in time.
Increasing sperm count is a factor here because with larger numbers, you can achieve it more likely. A low sperm count doesn't condemn you not able to have a child. It does mean that:
Much more time are needed to be able to conceive a child.
There's a need to change your diet, lifestyle, or the use of supplements.
Need to time the intercourse more thorough to cut the sperm's death rate.
In some extreme cases, a medical physician can be consulted.
Ways to Increase Sperm Counts
The great news is that there are ways that you can do in which increasing sperm count is possible. Let's discuss some things that you can do. For instance:
Quit smoking. This can prove to be beneficial, because your overall good health is one of the factor that governs your sperm count.
Limit your alcohols. This, like the first point, is for your overall health and in turn will increase your sperm count.
Do not use illicit drugs.
If you can, cut out junk and processed foods in your daily diet. It's more beneficial that you eat things high in protein and low fat. If you can afford it, eat only organic foods.
Exercise regularly. This will reduce the hormone released from stress that can damage your sperm. One thing that you have to watch out is cycling. An avid cycler over exercising can also damage or stress the testicles.
Regulate your intercourse amount to around 3 days interval (you can consult this with your physician).
Studies show that sperm counts are the highest at mornings. If you can, try to have sex in the morning.
Avoid bathing in hot water and wearing tight underwear. The heat can damage your sperm.
Consider supplements that can increase your semen volume and promote good reproductive health. This can prove to be the one thing that can change your condition quickly.
So these are the things that you can do with increasing sperm count in mind. Be sure to consult your physician if you have doubts. I sincerely hope that this article can help you cope with infertility issues.
Some good supplements that can help you to increase your semen volume, increasing sperm count, motility, and overall good sexual health

Posted By : Dr. Shalini Kapoor Kad         On :Jan. 17, 2012

Sperm count is the measure of concentration of sperm present in a man’s ejaculate. If the sperm count is above 15million sperm per milliliter then it is considered normal. In the last decade many studies say that there has been a significant increase of men who have low sperm count. This article has got some clear cut tips that will help increase sperm count.
Sperm Count Increase Tips
Take Avocado daily night before going to bed. Taking3 avocado fruits every day is sufficient. Its available in many shops in packed form that has about 200 fruits in one packet.
Take Natural Herbs – Shilajit, Ashwagandha, and Kohinoor Gold which increases sperm count. Shilajit and Ashwagandha improves sperm count, sex drive and also helps men to last longer during sex. Kohinoor Gold comprises of a variety of herbs and all of them are helpful in improving sperm count, sex drive and energy.
Eat foods that are rich in Vitamins,Selenium and Zinc. Low levels of selenium are linked to infertility. Avoid foods that are high in sugar and also reduce fatty foods. Start taking brown rice as it has high amount of Selenium. Start taking more garlic as they are rich in selenium and also improves blood circulation. Instead of taking garlic raw which you may find difficult, add it to your regular diet. Oysters are rich in zinc and are known to increase sperm and testosterone production.
The Essential fatty acids – Omega 3 and Omega 6 are important for reproduction-health and also for healthy hormone functioning. Fish oil and Flax seed oil are rich sources.
Yoga and Exercise
Daily morning perform AGNISAAR KRIYA and HALASANA yoga 2 or 3 times.
Do some cardiovascular exercises such as walking for 15-20 minutes everyday.
Avoid doing strength training exercise such as weight lifting.
Other Tips
Control Excessive masturbation. Excessive masturbation such 2 or 3 times a day may reduce sperm density. Keep it down to 2 or 3 times a week.
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. If you have become addicted then at least try to reduce as much as possible.
Don’t wear tight pants and underwear. Also avoid hot baths and saunas.
Regularly do meditation to bring down stress levels.
Eat sperm-healthy foods such as banana, avocado, almonds and nuts. Avoid citric fruits. Also avoid bitter, spicy and acidic foods.
Often massage your body will herbal oil as it improves blood circulation.
Start thinking that your sperm count is increasing and your are getting more and more sexually strong. Mind has the power to change everything

Posted By : Dr. Anita Taparwal         On :Jan. 17, 2012

i agree with the dietary advise given by DR.SHALINI

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