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Asymptomatic Hiv Infection


Asymptomatic HIV infection is a kind of chronic infection. The condition shows no symptoms, thus referred as asymptomatic

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The condition is caused by human immunodeficiency virus, popularly known as HIV. The condition can last for short as well as long time span. In some cases, the condition persists from last 10 years, but does not show any symptom apart from slow deterioration in the immune system. The HIV virus multiplies at fast pace and spread in the whole body, thus resulting in worsening of immune function.

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Signs & Symptoms

Although, the condition does not have symptoms, person can experience following symptoms in some cases:

  • Weight loss
  • Oral thrush
  • Fever
  • Infections due to weakened immunity system (opportunistic infections)
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By practising safe sex and avoiding getting in contact between contaminated blood, the infection can be minimized to a great level.

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Antiretroviral therapy Modern Medicine

If a person is  suffering from asymptomatic HIV infection and does not experiencing any symptom, but have CD4 lymphocyte counts of even less than two hundred, it is necessary to seek treatment. Such treatment aims at suppressing the HIV infection. For this, doctors recommend antiretroviral therapy. The therapy helps in boosting immune system and preventing opportunistic infections.

The antiretroviral therapy is also recommended to those who are having CD4 counts between 200- and 350, or even higher. However, before recommending the therapy other factors like patient readiness and their bodies' ability to bear with the therapy regime also considered.

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