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Chancroid is bacterial infection caused by Haemophilus ducreyi. It is a sexually transmitted disease and is commonly found in the sexually active adults. This disease is equally transmitted among men and women. Those with HIV and an uncircumcised male or engaging in unprotected sex with multiple sex partners are also prone to this disease.

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The Chancroid is caused by the bacteria commonly transmitted among sexually involved partners through vaginal intercourse and oral sex. It may also pass on through the anal sex and mutual masturbation. It can also be transferred through skin contact to the infected person’s ulcers.  

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient with Chancroid may complain of the following symptoms namely:-

  • The first signs of this disease may typically appear within two and seven days.
  • There may be red raised bumps on the genital region.
  • These bumps may appear in the penis or perianal region in men and labia, cervix or vagina in women.
  • The bumps may be filled with pus and rupture eventually leading to pain and open sores in the genital region.
  • These sores are called ulcers and bleed or ooze pus.
  • In nearly half of the Chancroid infection the lymph glands may be filled with pus and become hard and swollen. It is called buboes and may burst any time.
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The best way to prevent this disease is to refrain from any kinds of sexual contact and activity. Multiple partners and unprotected sex should be avoided at all cost. Periodic check up for STDs is also a good way of preventing this disease.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

The drugs of choices for treating Chancroid are ciprofloxacin, trimetropin and erythromycin. All kinds of sexual activities should be stopped until and unless the ulcers get healed completely.

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