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Genital Warts


Genital warts are the representation of the flesh-coloured or gray coloured tissue growth. These growths are found in the genital area as well as in anal region, in both males and females. They are also called venereal warts and acuminate warts. The disease can be in the mode of hibernation for around few months to several years at a stretch.

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The genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) 6 and 11. This disease is also a form of sexually transmitted disease and affects sexually active men and women of any age. This disease is highly contagious in nature and can be transmitted from the patient to healthy adult by a single sexual contact only. Birth control pills are also highly responsible for this disease, as the partners avoid the usage of condoms due to the birth control pills. This disease may also be caused due to sex at an early age or having multiple partners at a time. This disease can occur by the oral, vaginal and anal sex with an infected partner.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from the genital warts has the following symptoms:-

  • The warts are small in size.
  • They are mostly cauliflower in shape.
  • They are either flesh coloured or gray in colour.
  • In males this disease is mostly seen to occur in the penis, anus region or near the scrotum.
  • In female patients the warts are known to grow in the vulva and perineal area.
  • These warts may also grow in vagina and cervix. 
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The genital warts can be prevented by using condoms while having sex. They can also be prevented by avoiding sex with multiple partners at a time or avoiding sex with infected partners completely, as the disease can get transferred even by a single sexual contact.

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Surgery Modern Medicine

This disease is caused by a virus and hence can’t be successfully treated. The warts may need to be surgically removed time and again as they have the tendency to grow back. The warts can be frozen with cryotherapy and cut down. Or else, they can be removed with laser treatment. Apart from all these, the loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) is also used to cut down the warts. Certain chemicals are also available in the market but they should not be used in the genital area. Treatment is important to control the growth rate of genital warts or they may become cancerous in later stages.

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