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Granuloma Inguinale


Granuloma inguinale is bacterial infection, also known as sexually transmitted disease. The infection takes place at genital region. The condition is uncommon in United States and common in subtropical areas like New Guinea, Southeast India, etc. Men above the age of 20 years are more affected from the condition.

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The infection is caused by Calymmatobacterium granulomatisbacteria. The infection commonly spreads through anal or vaginal intercourse. In rare condition, the disease spreads through oral sex. By maintaining sexual relations with an affected person, the disease spreads.


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Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of the infection are experienced after 1 to 12 weeks of coming into contact with bacteria. Penis, groin, thighs and scrotum are commonly affected sites. Some of the common symptoms of the condition are:

  • Lesions in anal area
  • Presence of beefy-red bumps around the anus or on the genitals
  • Loss of skin color
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Avoiding sexual activity with an affected partner is one of the ways of preventing spread of disease. The other method is making proper use of condoms while undertaking sexual activ

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Conservative treatment Modern Medicine

Granuloma inguinale is treated with antibiotics like tetracyclines, animoglycosides, macrolides, etc.

The treatment usually runs for 3 weeks as there are chances of recurrence of infection. It is necessary to complete antibiotic course in order to prevent recurrence of the infection.

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