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Hydrocele is a condition in which accumulation of fluid in the sac (tunica vaginalis, surrounding the testicles) takes place. The condition is commonly in males and normally affects old age people. The condition is common in newborn infants also. The condition can occur at one side or both the sides

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The main cause of hydrocele is knock or stain. The other causes of the condition are wrong dietary habits, suppressive medical treatment taken of some diseases, sexual excess, abuse, etc. In some cases, gonorrhoeal infection, tuberculosis, obstruction of the abdominal vein and dropsy also cause the condition.  In infants, the condition is present from birth. The swelling becomes visible when infants remain in upright position and disappears when they lay upon their back.

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Signs & Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms of the condition are:

  1. Smooth, elastic and painless enlargement of scortum
  2. Inconvenience while walking
  3. Swollen testicle
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Surgery Modern Medicine

The condition is not life threatening and requires treatment when it causes discomfort or any sort of embarrassment or they become so much large that they start threatening the blood supply of the testicle.

A process known as aspiration is performed in which needle is placed inside the scortum and fluid is removed. Aspiration is considered as last alternative because surgery is commonly preferred at first go. After surgery, sclerosing medications are injected for closing off the opening and preventing future building up of fluid. In few cases, hydrocelectomy is also performed.

Some of the home based treatments of treating hydrocele are:

  • Using warm water enema
  • Following exclusively fruit rich diet for 3 days.
  • Taking cold hip baths in the morning as well as in the evening for 10 minutes each
  • Taking hot Epsom salt bath is also beneficia
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