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Hypogonadism is basically a sexual disorder of both males and females. Under this disease, there is little or no production of sex hormones by the testes in men and ovaries in women

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Hypogonadism can be divided into two parts, primary and secondary. under the primary hypogonadism, the ovaries or testes don’t function properly. This may be due to some kinds of autoimmune disorders, infections, genetic or developmental disorders, liver and kidney diseases, etc. this disease may also be caused due to radiation therapy or some kinds of surgery of the glands. Turner syndrome in women and Klinefelter syndrome in men are two genetic disorders that may cause primary hypogonadism. Nutritional deficiencies, excessive iron in blood and trauma may also lead to this kind of disease. Tumors like prolactinoma in adults and craniopharyngioma in children may also lead to this disease

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient suffering from hypogonadism has the following symptoms:-

  • The girls the hypogonadism may lead to lack of formation of breast and menstruation.
  • The girl child may also have short height.
  • The boys will have no beard and have fewer muscles.
  • They may also suffer from growth problems.
  • In case of brain tumor, the patient tends to complain of headache and visual loss
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There is no known prevention of this disease

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Hormonal Replacement pills, surgery Modern Medicine

Both males and females will be administered hormonal replacement pills. In some cases the radiation therapy and surgery may also be needed

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